Malema Ahrari is in her final year as an undergraduate Psychology student at McGill University. She has been exploring her options for graduate school and has joined the connections lab in order to learn more about the field of educational psychology and to get a more hands on research experience. She has worked as a camp leader in the Czech Republic for many years and is hoping to begin a career in child development.
Hida Caliskan is currently an undergraduate student at McGill University completing a major in Psychology and a double minor in Behavioural Science and Education 
For a long time she has nurtured a deep interest in working with children. Hida is currently considering clinical psychology at University College London for her graduate studies and thereafter focusing specifically on paediatric psycho-oncology
Laura Cohen, B.A. has been a volunteer for the Connections Lab since summer 2014. After graduating with a B.A. Specialization in Communication Studies in 2008, Laura worked for the McGill University Health Centre’s Public Affairs Department, became an ABA Therapist, and then a Special Care Educator for individuals with intellectual disabilities. Laura is currently transitioning into the field of Counselling while completing her B.A. in Psychology at Concordia University. She will be leading workshops on how to effectively design APA posters at Concordia University’s INPSYCH Workshops in Fall/Winter 2014.
Katia Fox is a fourth-year McGill Undergraduate student working towards a Biology and Mathematics degree, concentrating in Statistics and Neurobiology. Katia has worked with children with motor impairments and communication disorders, and coordinates a music program for at-risk elementary students. She is interested in the effect of mental health on learning.
Paul Gomes, M.A. has been a volunteer for the Connections Lab since Fall 2013.

Minoo Jalali received her B.A. in English translation from Islamic Azad University (Iran).  She is currently completing an M.A in Translation at the University of Montreal. She has achieved a number of honours including being ranked in the top 5% among more than 400,000 competitors in the national universities entrance exam in Iran, as well as being ranked 3rd in cumulative GPA among 100 English translation students at Iran University (undergrad). Her professional experiences include being an English tutor for children and adults, as well as an English interpreter in a translation office.


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