Current Projects

Face Perception Study

Examining face perception among boys aged 7-12

·   Participants include typically developing children as well as children with ADHD and high functioning autism

·   Involves one session that is between 60-90 minutes long. Participants perform some memory and language tasks and play a fun computer game. Parents fill out a few simple questionnaires (takes approximately 15-20 minutes). 

  • Comfortable waiting area and internet available!

·   Parents receive a brief report containing results from their child’s performance on two face tasks. Children are given a free toy

·   Project co-ordinator contact: akanksha.sharma [at]

Meta-academic skill development with Commission scolaire de la Pointe-de-l'Ile

Application of the meta-academic model to students with borderline intellectual functioning.      

  • Application of meta-academic lesson plans in elementary school settings
  • Focus is on a consultation model with teachers applying the modules
  • Pilot data used to improve academic resilience in hgh risk populations

International Projects

Application of the meta-academic model to meet the needs of a variety of school systems around the world.

  • Data collection of the meta-academic model at schools in Gdansk-Oliwa, Poland
  • Development of sister research labs with the University of Gdansk and the Institute of Psychology


Research on specific topics related to one aspect of the meta-academic model (i.e., coping with medical issues) that is a major contributor to school success.

  • Meta analysis and revisiting sensory intergration therapy
  • Homebound instruction
  • To provide advice on schooling and medical issues to the National Associaton of School Psychology
  • Co-editor of the Pediatric School Psychology column in the NASP Communique

Genetic/autism/developmental disabilities

Continued research on rare developmental and genetic disorders and the effects of these disorders on schooling and social development.  

  • Book on the education of children with genetics disorders, to be published by Springer.

Consultation Training At Miriam House and Services

  • Dr. Shaw is providing training and consultation services to the staff at Miriam House and Services. Miriam House and Services is a centre designed for persons with significant intelllectical disabilities and autism. (Centre de réadaptation en déficience intellectuelle et en troubles envahissants du développement). 
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