Specialized Workshop Registration

Additional training is available for techniques not covered in the core modules. Note that to register for specialized training, techniques must be listed in the approved Animal Use Protocol.

We encourage workshop participants to enroll only in training sessions that are relevant to their research protocol and to complete the training as close as possible to the start of the research project.

You will be contacted to set an appointment for the training.

Please take note of the fees and cancellation policy.


Name *
First Last
Principal investigator (supervisor) *
Protocol number *
Department *
FOAPAL (fund number) *
Blood Collection, intracardiac puncture under anesthesiaBlood collection, submandibular vein (mouse)Blood collection, tail veinCervical dislocation without anesthesia (mouse)Decapitation (adults) without anesthesiaIntramuscular injection (mouse)Intravenous injection (rat)Oral gavage
Species *
Handling and restraintSubcutaneous injectionIntramuscular injectionIntravenous injectionOral gavageAnalgesia and anesthesia (injectable or inhalant)Euthanasia
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