The CMARC is comprised of 5 operational units.

Within these units, we offer technical services to the McGill research community, drugs and materials sales, animal transport, import and export, and education and training.


Administrative Office

The CMARC administrative office is responsible for the business operation of the department. Responsibilities of our clerical support include:

Animal orders
Biomethodology workshop registration

Business hours: Monday to Friday, from 8:00-16:00.

Phone: 514-398-3510
Fax: 514-398-7283

Animal Care and Husbandry

The CMARC provides animal care and husbandry to a wide variety of animal models 365 days a year. Animal care is provided by dedicated individuals trained to ensure that the physiological and psychological needs of the animals are met. This involves providing adequate food and water, appropriate environmental enrichment for each species of animal, maintaining accurate records, monitoring environmental parameters and health of the animals.

All new research staff working with laboratory animals must attend a facility orientation prior to receiving access to any animal facility.

Questions can be directed to the Facility Managers:

  • McIntyre, Stewart, Ludmer, Lyman Duff, Genome and MacDonald campus: 514-398-2319
  • Goodman Cancer Centre: 514-398-1686


Veterinary Care

Our team of Veterinarians and Animal Health Technicians provide training and technical services to the research community, make recommendations on improving animal welfare, and share expertise with the ultimate goal of improving the care of all animals used in research.


Veterinary Services:

  • Technical Services including surgical support and training
  • Rodent breeding and colony management
  • Perioperative services
  • Facilitating international importation of animals
  • Quarantine and rederivation 
  • Antibody production
  • Imaging support 
  • Animal handling workshop training
  • Rodent anesthesia
  • Specialized equipment rental

Diagnostic Laboratory Services

Our diagnostic laboratory specializes in the diagnostic and research needs of laboratory animals, with an emphasis on the mouse as an animal model in biomedical research. The lab staff members are committed to providing high quality diagnostic research services, short turn-around time of results and customer satisfaction. The spectrum of tests offered is reassessed regularly to ensure they reflect the requirements of our clients. For tests not conducted in house, we rely on our network of reference and external laboratories.

Continuous Improvement

The Office of Continuous Improvement is based on four platforms: Operational Excellence, Change Management, Lean Six Sigma Process Improvement, and Project Management. The program is responsible for refining and improving internal work processes and ensuring a people-centric approach to strategic objectives. Its mission is to promote well-reasoned, evidence-based operational decision making that is in line with the department’s vision, mission and core values. By focusing on eliminating waste and maximizing value-added activities, the office aims to improve:

  • Employee engagement
  • Quality management
  • Animal welfare
  • Health and safety including ergonomics
  • Labour efficiency
  • Material and financial savings
  • Knowledge base and transparency
  • Environmental sustainability
  • Research outcomes and performance

For all inquiries, you can reach us at 514-398-3510








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