Adult Survey

What was the adult health survey about?

  • Chronic disease risk (diabetes & heart disease)  
  • Nutritional habits, food security and physical activity
  • Social support & mental health
  • Environment (parasitic infections and a gut bacteria called H.pylori and environmental contaminants)

What were the major topics of the adult survey questionnaires?

  • Home environment, household crowding
  • Food security and access to country food
  • Employment and Income
  • General and dental health
  • Family medical history including reproductive health of women
  • Smoking habits, medicine and supplement use
  • Social network
  • Suicide, gambling, drug  and alcohol use
  • Violence and sexual abuse

Who participated in the adult health survey?

  • 33 coastal and 3 inland communities in ISR, Nunavut and Nunatsiavut
  • 1901 randomly selected households (68%)
  • 2595 adults 18 years of age and older 
  • 1597 women and 998 men, mean age was 43 years
  • Over 95% agreed to participate in longitudinal follow-up

What are the most pressing health concerns emerging from the adult health survey?

  • Food insecurity, overweight and obesity
  • The emergence of obesity-related chronic disease
  • Vitamin D insufficiency
  • Iron deficiency for women of reproductive age

Survey tools:

Adult reports:

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