Ebook on Traditional Animal Foods in Northern North America

CINE's co-director, Murray Humphries, and CINE's founding director, Harriet Kuhnlein, co-authored an ebook describing and referencing the published literature on the contributions of wildlife diversity to the subsistence and nutrition of Indigenous cultures of northern North America. This web publication has the purpose to describe and to reference the published literature on traditional animal foods known and used by Indigenous Peoples of northern North America. In sum, it presents data for 527 species of animals, drawing information from over 490 ethnographic sources, an additional 91 unique sources reporting nutritional information, and 357 sources containing basic biological information. 

Traditional Animal Foods of Indigenous Peoples Ebook

Traditional Plant Foods Book

Traditional plant food of Canadian Indigenous PeoplesThe primary purpose of this book is to describe and to reference the published literature, as of 1990, on the nutritional properties, the botanical characteristics and uses of traditional food plants by the Indigenous Peoples of Canada. With permission of the publisher this book was scanned and is available on the website of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations via this link






Complete reference:

Traditional Plant Foods of Canadian Indigenous Peoples: Nutrition, Botany and Use. Harriet V. Kuhnlein and Nancy J. Turner. 1991. Gordon and Breach Science Publishers

References on how to update the publication contents are given here.

This publication is also available from Routledge Revivals 

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