Wild food systems of northern Quebec

A fire roasted Canada goose (left picture above), fresh wild cranberries (middle picture above), or sun dried Arctic char (right picture above) are examples of nutritionally and culturally important wild foods in northern Quebec. In an era of many environmental changes, Northern Quebec Cree and Inuit of Nunavik have observed impacts on their traditional food systems and on the availability and accessibility of many highly valued wild food species.

A multidisciplinary team of CINE researchers, including CINE director, Murray Humphries, CINE associate director, Treena Wasonti:io Delormier, and many CINE-based students, is studying the ecological, health, and cultural value of wild food species and how people adapt to maintain wild food security in changing environments. Working in close partnership with local and regional organizations representing Northern Quebec Cree and Inuit of Nunavik, they conduct their research in remote communities and field locations across northern Quebec.

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