Prospective Students

300 Graduate and Undergraduate Students >1000 Alumni Around the World

CIM continues to make powerful contributions to the education of tomorrow's leaders in the field of Intelligent Systems.  Our students are truly outstanding, as evidenced by their accomplishments in both academia and industry.   Although many of CIM's graduates go on to pursue careers in academia or established industry,  it should be noted that a remarkable manifestation of CIM's culture is the steady creation of spin-off companies, by students,  to rapidly exploit the technologies associated with their research. About 15 such companies have been formed in the past 10 years alone.

Students who become a part of CIM join a dynamic community of scientists, engineers, and designers who seek to bridge the gap between science and innovation. They have the opportunity to contribute their novel ideas to help bring solutions to some of the most challenging problems of the 21st century information-driven society.

Student participation in CIM is typically at graduate level and takes place via a supervising faculty member. There are also some limited opportunities for participation by honors-undergraduate students. CIM does not accept students directly. All CIM students are admitted by one of the departments of the supervising member: Computer Science, Electrical and Computer Engineering or Mechanical Engineering

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