Service offered at the PEAP Facility

This platform is managed by Dr. Elke Küster-Schöck, with the help of Dr. Hong Han.

What we do

1- Protein Expression (as part of an antibody production project only):
      His- or GST-tagged fusion in E. coli
      Subcloning into expression vector tagging available
      Expression optimization
      Antigen expression and purification
2- Antibody Production (in collaboration with local animal facilities):
      Rabbit or rat polyclonal antibodies (standard 80-day immunization)
      Sera tested by Western Blotting
      Antibody purification

Service can start from any step of the process scheme and must include antibody generation (we are NOT a protein production facility)

The service is open to anyone.

Users planning to use the PEAP service must cian [at] (submit a short proposal) describing the general scope of the planned research. Target start and end dates are strongly encouraged.

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