Technology and Instruments

You'll find here information on 2-D gel electrophoresis and on the DiGE technology, and a description of the equipment avalable at CIAN. Click on tabs below for information!

Robot Module Specifications

Our SAGIAN automated system has recently been upgraded thanks to a large infrastructure grant from the Canadian Foundation of Innovation (CFI), awarded to the Integrated Quantitative Bioscience...

Manuals for 2-D/Differential Gel Electrophoresis Facility Users

Manuals prepared by CIAN for CIAN users Typhoon Users Mini-Manual Viewing and Editing Typhoon Images Short instructions for CIAN DiGE users

Watch the robot at work!

Click the links below to see movies of the robot in action Take photos of plates Transfer of microbial communities Cherry Pick from RNAi library Spot from 96 to 384 format Work with compound...

Robots/Automation Facility - Services

Click the '+' sign to learn more about our services Custom Assays Development Design, programming and validation of methods tailored for your needs. Examples of custom methods and projects

Manuals for Microscopy Facility Users

Manual for LSM1/LSM2 Manual for SP8 Manual for SD1 Manual for SD2 Manual for FRAP (MOSAIC) on SD2 Manual for SD3

Service offered at the PEAP Facility

This platform is managed by Dr. Elke Küster-Schöck, with the help of Dr. Hong Han.

Microscopy Facility

Our Microscopy platform offers access to high-end light microscopy tools for fixed and live cell imaging, as well as image analysis solutions....

HCS workshop at Imaging Facility

Monday, December 10, 2012toWednesday, December 12, 2012

The Imaging Facility will be offering a high content screening workshop from Dec 10-12, 2012. Day 1 - Fluorescence, Fluorescence Microscope, Light Sources, Detectors, Fluorescence ProbesImaging...


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