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REMINDER: 2014 Year-End Reporting and Communication DEADLINES

Dear Colleagues, For those unable to attend the March 27, 2014 Year-End Reporting and Communication Meeting, all relevant information is accessible using the following link: http://www.mcgill.ca/financialservices/yearend/.  As a reminder, to ensure that all expenses related to the year ending April 30, 2014 are accurately recorded in this fiscal year, it is imperative that the following information be provided to Financial Services by the respective deadlines: 

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Published on : 09 Apr 2014

Advances and Expense Reports training & resources

Dear Colleagues, We would like to remind you that we now offer an online course OLC 450 – Advances and Expense Reports for Faculty, Staff and Students.

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Published on : 22 Jan 2014

Finance Help Desk and the Travel & AP customer service #s

Dear Colleagues, As you may have noticed, since October 2013, all calls made to the Travel Desk (514-398-3180) and all calls made to Accounts Payable (AP) (514-398-3895 & 514-398-3880) have been routed to the Finance Help Desk (514-398-3463). Effective January 8th, the Travel Desk and AP phone lines will no longer be in service. Dial 514-398-3463 to reach the Finance Help Desk. Our Finance Trainers will continue to answer Travel and Accounts Payable questions.

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Published on : 08 Jan 2014

Transaction Services - Holiday Deadlines 2013

The following are Transaction Services’ deadlines prior to the Holidays: Travel (advances and expense reports) Advances and expense reports received by the Travel Desk by December 6th at 5:00 p.m. will be processed by December 20th. Contact: Tonia Ciricillo, Assistant Supervisor, Accounts Payable and Travel Desk – ext.

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Published on : 21 Nov 2013

Update to Reimbursement of Expenses Policy

Dear colleagues, The Reimbursement of Expenses Policy has been updated. The full policy is available on the Financial Services website at http://www.mcgill.ca/financialservices/policies/reimburse.   Cristiane TinmouthController [Message sent out on the FIS Listserv]

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Published on : 20 Sep 2013

Delegation of Temporary Signing Authority Procedures For All Fund Financial Managers

Dear colleagues, Following the announcement regarding the New Delegation Menu accessible via MINERVA effective May 15, 2013, this new tool is to be used by all Fund Financial Managers and Principal Investigators for use across all fund types and is not restricted to research funds.  The temporary delegation in Minerva will replace the current paper forms and will be

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Published on : 09 May 2013

Research Administration and Accountability – Tri-Agency Recommendations - NEW DELEGATION MENU

Memorandum Rose GoldsteinMichael Di Grappa Date: May 6, 2013 To: McGill Principal Investigators Cc: Prof.

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Published on : 09 May 2013