The groundwater footprint. If you haven’t heard that term yet, read on, because it soon could become as familiar as “carbon footprint.”

Published January 29 2014 | McGill Reporter
Written by Patrick McDonagh

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Published on: 29 Jan 2014

The myriad of ways in which petroleum is reshaping our politics, economy and culture will be the focus of the 2014 annual conference of the McGill Institute for the Study of Canada, to be held on Feb. 6 and 7.

Published on January 28 2014 | McGill Reporter
Written by Will Straw

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Published on: 29 Jan 2014

The student-run initiative “ECOLE” (Educational COmmunity Living Environment) is working to transform a MORE house into a space for sustainable living to open in September 2014.

Published on January 20 2014 | Bull and Bear
Written by Tess Wrobleski

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Published on: 23 Jan 2014

United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon today highlighted the importance of protecting the environment in times of armed conflict, and stressed that strong natural resource governance can help prevent conflict and contribute to long-term peace.

Published November 6 2013 | UN News Centre
Written by UN News 

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Published on: 7 Nov 2013

Social entrepreneurship – whether as new or existing ventures, with an environmental or social-justice focus – is a hot topic on campus.

Published October 22 2013 | Globe and Mail
Written by Jennifer Lewington

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Published on: 24 Oct 2013

CED was created as a student-administrator initiative in 2012 by SEDE, in partnership with the SSMU Community Engagement Committee (CEC).

Published on October 06 2013 | McGill Daily
Written by Dana Wray

The CEC administers a $0.50 per person Charity Fund fee for student initiatives that connect McGill with the external community.

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Published on: 9 Oct 2013

As university students prepare for midterm exams, a group of McGill students hosted a conference Saturday, aimed at promoting a better understanding of mental health.

Published October 05 2013 | Global News
Reported by Sarah Volstad

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Published on: 9 Oct 2013

Time Forms explores the links between art and time.

Published on September 30 2013 | McGill Daily
Written by Lucy Gripper

Despite the slightly esoteric nature of its premise, the curators of Time Forms – McGill professors Alanna Thain, Stephen McAdams, and Eric Lewis – made accessibility a goal when organizing the conference.

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Published on: 7 Oct 2013

Les élèves ayant des problèmes d'apprentissage ou encore des troubles de déficit de l'attention sont bien présents dans les écoles primaires et secondaires.

Published August 6, 2013 | CBC Radio-Canada

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Published on: 7 Sep 2013

Published on June 29, 2013 | le Journal de Montreal

"Après avoir passé 20 ans au cœur de la forêt tropicale, une biologiste de l’Université McGill mondialement connue pour ses travaux sur la déforestation et la qualité de l’air revient au Québec pour sortir la science des laboratoires.

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Published on: 22 Jul 2013