Troubled waters: World’s groundwater increasingly at risk

Published: 29 January 2014

The groundwater footprint. If you haven’t heard that term yet, read on, because it soon could become as familiar as “carbon footprint.”

Published January 29 2014 | McGill Reporter
Written by Patrick McDonagh

Groundwater, which originates in rain, snow or ice, collects or flows beneath the earth’s surface, providing the water to replenish aquifers, springs and wells. The groundwater footprint is essentially a tool for evaluating where and how this groundwater can be used sustainably.

Department of Civil Engineering and Applied Mechanics professor Tom Gleeson says “about two billion people drink groundwater every day, and it’s just as important to industry and agriculture because 40 per cent of irrigation water around the globe also comes from groundwater.”

But Gleeson’s research shows there is a problem.

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