Vision 2020: Creating a Sustainable McGill


Invitation from Jim Nicell, Associate Vice-Principal, University Services

I am very pleased to invite your participation in a process just getting underway on our campuses—Vision 2020: Creating a Sustainable McGill.

You have probably noticed some of the literally hundreds of sustainability initiatives already happening here at McGill. For years now we have been building a university-wide culture of sustainability, project by project. These projects are fueled by the ingenuity and commitment of students and staff members willing to work together in a true collaborative partnership.

Vision 2020 seeks to harness this momentum to build an overarching sustainability vision and action plan for—and from—the entire university community. Your participation is absolutely essential.

Throughout 2012 you will have opportunities to come together, both online and face-to-face, to join the conversation about how McGill can embrace a culture of sustainability now and in the future. Your ideas will form our sustainability strategy for the next decade.

I am the chair of a Vision 2020 steering committee of students, academic staff, operational staff and administrators charged with overseeing the process and ensuring that we enter 2013 ready to put into practice a sustainability vision and plan that reflect the will of the McGill community.

I look forward to a year of interesting dialogue—thank you in advance for joining the conversation.


Jim Nicell

Associate Vice-Principal, University Services

Contact Information

Lilith Wyatt
Office of Sustainability
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(514) 398 8826