Update on construction at the Montreal General Hospital Site


In response to an article appearing in today’s La Presse newspaper and reported in other media, the following is an update on construction work at the Montreal General Hospital (MGH):

New Electrical Sub-Station:

The MGH is currently using more power than its electrical capacity (5.5 versus 5 megawatts). The new electrical sub-station will ensure current power needs are met and also future demand. The City and the Ministry of Culture and Communications have reviewed this project.

  • Initial work involved the temporary construction of a ramp to facilitate traffic flow. Permits 154654 and154723 issued by the Ville-Marie borough authorized the contractor to build this ramp and remove certain parking meters (R240-244-245-246-247) on Cedar Avenue during the work. The Ville-Marie borough received compensatory payment for the parking meter closures and covered them. The ramp was completed on August 25.
  • A letter was hand delivered to residents in the neighbourhood of the hospital to inform them about this project on August 23.
  • The next step is excavation. The appropriate permit request was submitted and the Ville- Marie borough has confirmed the permit fee required. We expect to obtain the permit by next week.
  • Condo construction on Cedar Avenue is not part of the MGH projects.

Multi-level Parking Lot:

The MUHC is currently carrying out internal structural renovations to reinforce its multi-level parking lot, which is over 35 years old.

  • This work requires a permit from the City of Montreal, which the contractor was charged with obtaining. This did not happen. Work has been halted and the contractor is now in the process of obtaining the necessary permit.
  • The MUHC will ensure that the appropriate permit is in hand before work proceeds.


A project to replace the hospital’s original 1950s windows with new energy-efficient windows is currently being discussed with the City and the Ministry of Culture and Communications. Work will only start once the necessary approvals have been obtained.

The MUHC is sensitive to the importance of protecting Mount Royal and is championing environmental best practices throughout our healthcare institutions. The MGH was the first healthcare centre in Canada to be awarded the Go Green certification from BOMA and the site is registered for LEED ® certification.

At the same time the MUHC must also ensure quality healthcare and a safe setting for patients, employees and visitors. Modernization projects at the Montreal General Hospital will always aim to accomplish that goal by implementing clinical and environmental best practices.

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