Parking on lower campus during Convocation week

Published: 2 April 2004

From Monday, May 31, to Friday, June 4 inclusive, the Roddick Gates entrance will be closed; there will be no parking on the main road leading from the Roddick Gates to the Arts Bldg, nor in the area near and around Redpath Museum; vehicular traffic must use the Milton Gates entrance to access the downtown campus.

Limited parking will be available at the following lots for holders of A and C permits only:

  • East Side of Main Campus;
  • Engineering Courtyard (FDA courtyard);
  • behind the Faculty Club/Bookstore;
  • Powell Student Services Bldg East (McTavish St. above Dr Penfield);
  • Powell Student Services Bldg West (Peel St. above Dr Penfield);
  • Drummond St. (Sir William Osler above Dr Penfield);
  • MNI/Residences (top of University St. near Hospital/Athletics complex).

Thank you in advance for your patience and understanding.

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