Media advisory: Excellence in Research a snapshot of McGill’s leading work


Published: 3Feb2010

Media opportunity to meet 24 teams presenting some of McGill's unique and exciting discoveries

Media and the general public are invited to discover McGill's research at the Excellence in Research exhibition, taking place Thursday, Feb. 4, 2010. Twenty-four teams, covering all of McGill's faculties, will host special display areas. This is a great opportunity to meet university experts in an informal context, to learn more about world-leading research undertaken right here in Quebec, and, of course, to find out more about the fascinating work being done at McGill.

Media should register with William Raillant-Clark at 514-398-2189.

WHO: 24 world-class research teams

WHAT: Excellence in Research Exhibition

WHEN: Thursday, Feb. 4, 2010, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

WHERE: Redpath Hall, 3461 McTavish St., Main Campus, McGill University

The themes are:

  • Agricultural & Environmental Sciences
    • Piglets Helping People - Models Advance Human Nutrition Research
    • McGill Goes to MARS : Arctic Microbiology and the Search for Life Beyond Earth
  • Arts
    • Social Statistics: what the numbers tell us (How families in Quebec are changing)
    • Costume Illustration in the Digital Age
  • Dentistry
    • Can people living in poverty and health professionals understand each other?
  • Education
    • Muscle contraction: from molecules to cells to human movement
    • The Truth Project: Promoting children's truth-telling in legal and applied settings
  • Engineering
    • Unleash the Power of Light in Nanostructures
    • Minds that move Machines
    • Cartilage: Use It or Lose It but Don't Abuse It
  • Law
    • We are all migrants. Do we have the same rights?
  • Management
    • Reinvention of Retirement: A Study of Baby-Boomer Managers in Two Nations
    • CREATEing the future leaders of Healthcare
  • Medicine
    • Understanding the Molecular Brain to Cure Mental Disorders
    • Fear and Loathing in the Brain - How the brain detects, analyzes and responds to danger
    • Why your genes are not your destiny - Child abuse marks the DNA in the brain.
    • Can Fruit Flies Help Us Understand Nervous System Diseases?
    • Say What? Prevention of Hearing Loss - Research Makes It Possible
    • The Mathematics of Visual Perception
  • Music
    • THE VIRTUAL HAYDN: Complete Works for Solo Keyboard in Virtual Acoustics
  • Religious Studies
    • New Horizons in the Study of South Asian Religions
  • Science
    • Toward Environmentally Sustainable Chemistry: Green Chemistry @ McGill
    • Humans and robots working together outdoors
    • Economics Without Ecocide

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