McGill University Purchase Order Process

Published: 17 May 2010

Dear McGill staff,

Please be informed that Procurement Services has forwarded to all its active suppliers the following document on May 3, 2010.  This communication is aligned with the University’s effort to align its processes and ensure efficient commercial transactions.


Erick Legros

Director, Procurement Services


Dear valued McGill Supplier

On behalf of McGill University, we are communicating with you to obtain your firm’s support in our effort of improving the University’s procurement processes and efficiency.

We are promoting application of the best business practices in procurement activities of the University in collaboration with our selected suppliers. With your support, the primary focus is to ensure that the proper procurement cycle is respected by all parties involved in the process, meaning that formal University Purchase Orders are issued to our suppliers prior to any goods or services being delivered to the University.  Also note that invoices should never be included with the packaged goods delivered to the shipping address. Furthermore, to ensure payment in a timely manner, please update all McGill accounts and send all invoices to:

McGill University
c/o Accounts Payable
3465 Durocher, Room 216
Montreal, QC, Canada,  H2X 2C6

McGill has invested in an e-procurement solution called McGill Market Place (MMP), which facilitates the transmission of its procurement needs to its supply base in an automated and timely fashion.  All McGill’s active suppliers are available on MMP.  Purchase Orders are sent via fax, email, or cXML.  The transition to MMP will be completed in May 2010, at which point MMP will become the primary ordering tool for all McGill faculties and units.  Procurement Card (PCard) transactions will be permitted on an exceptional basis. In doing so, McGill will improve its efficiencies, our suppliers will obtain payment in a timely manner and both parties are protected against any potential business risks.

We take this opportunity to draw your attention to the University Standard Terms and Conditions of Purchase which form an integral part of the University Purchase Order. These Standards Terms and Conditions of purchase are included with each Purchase Order your firm receives from the University; they can also be viewed on the University Procurement Services’ web site at:

We ask you to please communicate and share this important message with your Sales Force, Order Desk, Customer Service, Accounts Receivable and any other affected staff in your organization in order to ensure that at all times, order processing for McGill is initiated upon receipt of a valid Purchase Order from the University.

Should you have questions regarding the MMP or McGill’s approved ordering methods, please do not hesitate to direct your inquiries to: supplier.procurement [at]

We thank you, in advance, for your collaboration and support.

Sincerely yours

Erick Legros

Director, Procurement Services

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