Macdonald Engineering renovation update



The steel framework for the atrium is in place. The atrium will feature a central elevator, staircase and washrooms on every floor.


Macdonald's ground floor student laboratories have been completely demolished and electrical conduits have been installed on the floor. This area will connect to the central elevator and provide access to all floors of the Macdonald building.

Mechanical Systems

The electrical room has been fitted with new breaker boxes. New chiller and cooling units have been brought in to provide more comfortable temperatures for Macdonald staff and students once renovations are complete.

Demolition Dust

Intensive demolition work is underway on the 3rd and 4th floors adjacent to McConnell.  Stringent measures are in place to minimize renovation dust, but the demolition will create some unavoidable noise and vibration. We will carry out the work as quickly as possible in order to minimize inconvenience to staff and students in neighbouring areas.

Project Completion Schedule

Unforeseen and unpredictable site conditions at the Macdonald Engineering Building are delaying the completion of renovation until summer 2011. McGill is working closely with the contractors to carry out the renovations as efficiently as possible. We apologize for this delay and any disruption it causes.