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Published: 17Oct2011


During weekends, silent hours or at times when staff attendance is low your building's evacuation team may not be readily available. The following is a step by step reminder for a safe evacuation when exiting a building in an emergency situation.


  1. When entering a building, locate the two exits nearest to you.
  2. If there is a fire alarm in the building, you are required to promptly evacuate the building.  Calmly proceed to the nearest, safe exit.
  3. In the staircase use handrails.
  4. Assist classmates or co-workers who are having difficulties or, advise Security Services at (514) 398-3000 for Downtown or (514) 398-7777 for Macdonald Campus of the situation so that the authorities may assist them if need be.
  5. Once outside, stay at least 100 meters away from the building and follow the instructions of either the evacuation team wearing orange vests when they are on site or the emergency personnel (Fire Department, McGill Security Services).
  6. When you are away from any danger, if the fire department is not yet on site, call 911 and Security Services at (514) 398-3000 for Downtown or (514) 398-7777 for Macdonald Campus.
  7. If you have pertinent information about the evacuation (injuries, persons requiring assistance) or the incident (location, nature of fire), identify yourself and remain available to Security Services and the authorities.
  8. Wait for authorization from emergency personnel before re-entering the building.

We would like to remind you that in an emergency you MUST leave the premises immediately.  Regardless of how many false alarms you may have experienced lately, for your safety and that of the emergency responders, no matter what project is underway, never ignore a fire alarm.




The Fire Prevention Team


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