Health Minister Trudel Confirms Land Purchase for MUHC

Published: 5 July 2001

Quebec Minister of Health and Social Services, Rémy Trudel, today announced the purchase of the Canadian Pacific's Glen Yards as the future site of the McGill University Health Centre (MUHC).

"The acquisition of the land will allow the MUHC to move forward with full certainty in its planning of the new health centre. It also indicates the government's full commitment to this project," stated the Minister.

Chairman of the MUHC Board of Directors, David Culver, observed that the Glen is the perfect site to develop the vision of the MUHC. "We are working in partnership with the government to build a health campus that will serve Montreal and Quebec well into the 21st century. We have a lot to do but we are well on the way; securing the land is an exciting step towards our goal."

The land was selected in 1997 by a committee of volunteers, following consideration of eight potential sites. It was chosen because it is centrally located to the community being served by the MUHC hospitals. It also has the advantages of being a large, flat tract of undeveloped land, easily accessible by metro, bus, train and highways.

Minister Trudel indicated that with the land acquisition settled, the next step will be made public shortly. "We will be making an announcement of the establishment of the development corporation (SI-CUSM), which will be responsible for the implementation of the project." The Minister noted he expects to soon be announcing that land negotiations have been finalized for the new CHUM as well. "The two modern health care centres will put Montreal at the forefront of modern patient care, medical treatment and research developments.

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