Two chemists recognized at the Principal’s Prize for Public Engagement through Media


Published: 12Mar2019

The Principal’s Prize for Public Engagement through Media was created to recognize those who go beyond their studies and research to engage with the media or the public. The department of chemistry was doubly recognized this year, as two of its members received awards.

Alexandra Gellé, PhD student in Dr. Audrey Moores’ group, received Special Recognition for her science communication activities, and her commitment to sharing her knowledge and love for chemistry. Alexandra is the president of the Canadian branch of Pint of Science, an international festival that brings university scientists out to local pubs to share their work with the public. Her op-ed articles addressing common misconception about chemistry and celebrating 2019 as the International Year of the Periodic Table got over 40 000 readers.

Audrey Moores received a finalist award for her many outreach activities, including her appearances on the francophone science show of Radio Canada "Les Années Lumières", and the coverage of her research discoveries. Her ability to make chemistry understandable and approachable was particularly highlighted.

On the photo, from left to right: Audrey Moores, Principal Suzanne Fortier, and Alexandra Gellé. Credit: Neale McDevitt



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