Prof Han awarded FRQSC New Academics Grant

Published: 5 May 2023

Congratulations to Elizabeth Han, Assistant Professor in Information Systems, who has been awarded the 2023-2024 FRQSC New Academics Grant (Soutien à la recherche pour la relève professorale)

“Justice et Moralité dans les interactions humain-IA: Reconceptualisation des perceptions en matière de justice et des émotions morales”
(“Justice and Morality in Human-AI Interactions: Reconceptualizing Justice Perceptions and Moral Emotions”)

Elizabeth Han

As artificial intelligence (AI) increasingly permeates humans’ lives, people are ever more engaged in AI-driven decision-making. While AI have enhanced the efficiency of decision-making process, several concerns, many related to fairness and ethical usage, have been also raised. Although AI algorithms may heavily influence humans’ decisions, making fair and ethical judgments based on AI-produced insights is ultimately at the users’ discretion. Thus, to facilitate fair and ethical AI-driven decision-making, it is essential to understand how moral judgments and behaviors are formed during users’ interactions with an AI. Due to the unique social norms and expectations towards an AI, the traditional elements constituting moral judgments and behaviors established in an interpersonal context may not be applicable. Therefore, through randomized experiments and survey data analyses, this project aims to conceptualize two important elements for forming moral judgments and behaviors—justice perceptions and moral emotions—during human-AI interactions. Specifically, we aim to reconceptualize the underlying dimensions of justice perceptions, identify types of moral emotions relevant to each dimension of justice perceptions, and empirically test the relationship between justice perceptions, moral emotions, and behavioral outcomes in AI-driven decision-making contexts.




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