McGill X-1 Accelerator: fifth week at a glance


Product Development was the overall theme for week five of the McGill X-1 Accelerator. On the agenda was a talk by GrandeSlam Product VP Saad Benryane on adopting a customer-centric approach, followed by a networking talk by Desautels Director of Advancement Alexander King.

Of course, there was another Grilled by CEO session, this time by RetinadVR CEO Alexander Haque. Mr. Haque emphasised the importance of simplifying their presentations to suit people’s attention spans. Otherwise, there is a real risk of losing focus.

McGill alumnus Rubin Gruber (BSc’65, DSC’14), who is on the boards at Kaybus, GreenVolts and Verivue, ended the week off by talking about how it’s important to hire people who are smarter than you are.

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