Growth and Learning Mechanisms in the Evolving Multilayered and Multidimensional View of International Entrepreneurship


Published: 6Apr2018

Author: Hamid Etemad 

Publication: Journal of International Entrepreneurship, Vol. 16, No. 1, Winter 2018


This article examines learning as a growth mechanism in entrepreneurially internationalizing firm’s environment; conceptualized previously as multilayered and multidimensional framework. It finds substantive support for both the framework and learning. It also highlights learning as a bridging mechanism connecting different growth pathways in the conceptualized framework through their common overlapping areas. Offering mutual benefits to all concerned, these overlapping common areas facilitate international collaborative efforts in the various synergistic dimensions embedded in firm’s research contexts as reported by the four research initiatives here. Discussion and conclusion present supporting arguments in favour of creating and finding mutually beneficial common areas to stimulate growth through collaborative learning and invites the scholarly community to take-up corresponding challenges.  Public policy recommendations are suggested at the end.  

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