FAES teams advance to Dobson finals


Published: 21Mar2019

We extend best wishes to Startups involving FAES students who will compete for the Food and Agribusiness Convergent Innovation Prize in the Dobson Cup Finals on March 27.

PDT Food Depot (Social Enterprise Track) redistributes unwanted yet legal, safe and edible surplus food from producers to people in need in South Eastern China. Co-Founders: Jiahua Chen (MSE), Ying Zhang, Ye Zheng.

MicroPredictome (Health Sciences Track) aims to create licensable AI algorithms to predict the risk of different gastrointestinal diseases based on sequencing data from the bacterial population of the human gut. Co-founders: Ryszard Kubinski, Alexis Nolin-Lapalme, Reilly Pidgeon, Dennis Park (NRS), Luca Cuccia.

Four teams will compete in the Innovation Driven Enterprise Track

Cannafish works with functional fish farms, to offer a biological waste treatment service, transforming their waste stream into a stable usable nutrient solution for a hydroponic crop production system. Co-founders: David Leroux (BRE), Nicolas Martel-Bouchard (AgEcon), and Neelay Patel (FdSc).

Observe Agriculture, develops sensors that help growers gain instant access to crop information allowing them to better manage and market their products. Co-founders: Mohamed Debbagh (BRE), Roberto Buelvas (BRE).

SCBY has developed a truly sustainable and cruelty-free leather alternative entirely grown from microbes. Co-founders Samuel Eichhorn Bilodeau (BRE), Ryan Knight (BRE), Kevin Parmenter, Ian Burelle (BRE).

Interius Farms uses novel vertical farming techniques to grow produce on-site year-round. Co-founders: Lucie Couderc, Jonathan Lawson, Tristan Zeman, AJ Blake (BRE), Lucas McCartney (BRE).