Expert : Trump pulls out of Iran Nuclear Deal


Published: 8May2018

"Trump pulls U.S. out of 'disastrous' Iran nuclear deal, will restore sanctions; President Donald Trump announced Tuesday the U.S. will pull out of the landmark nuclear accord with Iran, dealing a profound blow to U.S. allies and potentially deepening the president's isolation on the world stage." (CBC)

Rex Brynen, professor in the department of political science at McGill University

"The Iran nuclear deal  (“Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action”) was a well-crafted compromise under which Iran agreed to never develop nuclear weapons, and also agreed to restrictions on civilian nuclear activities. It was a major accomplishment of American, European, Russian, and Chinese diplomacy. The decision of the Trump Administration to withdraw from the agreement casts serious doubt on the credibility of American commitments, destabilizes the Middle East, increases the risk of a nuclear arms race in the Middle East—and, ironically, makes Iran look the more reasonable party.”

Rex Brynen is an expert in Middle East politics and the Arab-Israeli peace process. He’s also interested in regional conflict, security and development in the Middle East, and in authoritarianism and democratization in the Arab world.

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