Dr. Shariff's policy work on cyberbullying via Max Bell School of Public Policy


Published: 9Nov2021

iMPACTS director and James McGill Professor Dr. Shaheen Shariff has published her commissioned paper on Children and Technologies for McGill’s Max Bell School of Policy and the Centre for Media, Technology, and Democracy. Entitled “Defining the Lines with iMPACTS: A Multi-Sectored Partnership Policy Model to Rehumanize Children’s Online Communication,” the paper includes policy guidelines to address cyberbullying and online sexual violence and draws on Dr. Shariff’s two decades of research into these topics. It was created with assistance from iMPACTS M.A. student Farah Roxanne Stonebanks

The paper is part of a broader collaboration with interdisciplinary scholars, policymakers, and stakeholders to understand the impact of media technologies on children and youth. You can read the paper and more about the overall project here.


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