Dean Yolande Chan seeks to foster inclusivity, to generate future successes

Published: 14 February 2023

The Dean of the Desautels Faculty of Management wants to give out keys to doors that were once locked. “The hope and dream is to create opportunities for others,” Yolande Chan told Bill Brownstein in an interview for the Montreal Gazette. “As a Black dean, I’m not about exclusion. I’m about inclusion. We want to be representative of the markets we serve as businesses. Diversity inclusion is a core, high strategic priority for this faculty, as well as throughout McGill. It isn’t just race. I think it’s an awareness of young people coming here from Montreal and from all over the world. And if they come, the environment should be conducive to their success. There’s nobody here — regardless of their disability, different ability, their race, their gender, their sexual orientation — who should feel that they’re not welcome. We are all different. But every one of us brings a gift.”


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