CIRM welcomes Fabio Scetti as a visiting scholar for summer 2023!

Published: 9 July 2023

This summer, the Centre for Interdisciplinary Research on Montréal (CIRM) is happy to welcome once again lecturer and researcher in Sociolinguistics Fabio Scetti until September 15th!

Fabio Scetti

Fabio ScettiFabio Scetti’s work in sociolinguistics and lexicography focuses mainly on migrations, language variations, and minority languages in danger (notably Valoc’ and Ladin in northern Italy, and Arbëresh in central and southern Italy). His most recent book, La communauté portugaise de Montréal. Langue et identité, is an ethnographic survey of the status and evolution of the Portuguese language through the daily language practices of members of the Portuguese community of Montréal and their identity dynamics. Since completing his PhD in Language Sciences at Université Paris-Descartes (2016), Fabio Scetti has focused on Portuguese immigration to Canada, the United States and Australia, and more recently on Brazilian immigration to Japan.

During his residency at CIRM, Dr. Scetti will continue his research on the Italian community of Montréal, started in 2018, with the aim of analyzing language practices and the representations that members of this “community” have of these practices. A book on this community will be published at the end of his research.

On September 13th, 2023, he is organizing an event on the "children of bill 101" in the Italian community that will take place at the Italian Cultural Institute:

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