After DavidsTea, Desautels alumnus goes for something new


Published: 7Aug2017

According to a recent piece in the Ottawa Business Journal, David Segal (BCom’04) knocked one out of the park with DavidsTea, and he bets he can do it again with salad. His new venture, Mad Radish, brings premium salad to the fast-food scene, where Canadians currently spend $24 billion per year. There’s a growing hunger for healthier choices, which is why big-calorie chains like McDonald’s have started adding salads to their menus, but Mr. Segal believes that quality will make Mad Radish stand out. He’s coming at the issue with experience in changing tea’s stodgy image, and he has put together a crack team of industry execs to make sure that Mad Radish gets a fighting chance. 

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