Staying safe in a shared space: the good, the bad, and the "wait, really?" 

Friday, October 27, 2023 12:00to13:00

Campus Public Safety collaboration with Information Security: Virtual Event

Registration link: https://events.teams.microsoft.com/event/8cd3e28f-cae6-4e8b-ba30-53fca50c5dc7@cd319671-52e7-4a68-afa9-fcf8f89f09ea 

McGill’s campus is open to all, which brings unique opportunities and challenges. Join us as we unpack some of the security risks and incidents that can happen when our digital and physical doors are open to the public. 

Using real stories, we'll explore topics like crimes of opportunity and personal safety. We'll also dive into thefts, tackle tailgating into secured areas, and even discuss safe exchange locations for your online marketplace shopping. Plus, we'll make sure you know exactly who to contact if you need help or if something goes wrong. 

Equip yourself with practical skills and knowledge to stay safe, secure, and confident while navigating the McGill experience. We promise it won’t be boring. 

Event hosted by McGill's Campus Public Safety and Information Security teams. Visit us to learn more about staying safe on campus and online:  


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