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Industry Insider: A Closer Look at Careers in Event Planning & Entrepreneurship - Virtual

February 8, 2023 - Virtual
12:00 pm - 1:00 pm
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Interested in learning more about careers in entrepreneurship and event planning? Come hear from Tatiana Therrien and get your questions answered!

Speaker/Bio: Tatiana Therrien, Founder and Event Planner at Small Talk Events, is on a mission to bring people towards achieving deeper and more meaningful connections with each other within your company. She has been an event planner for the last 10 years. When she was living in Northern Ireland, she experienced a realization moment while volunteering in a non-profit for mental health awareness, and decided to study tourism management at ITHQ, Montréal from 2013 to 2017. She has done all types of events, from fundraising, festivals and weddings to art exhibitions and meetings. Her purpose is to create long-lasting relationships among people and her passions are event planning, gathering people at her place, organizing and leaving a positive footprint on people. That’s why it felt natural for her to found Small Talk Events as it’s where her passion and purpose meet. Casual is Tatiana’s middle name. She’s the traveling wizard of the gang, always selecting the place, booking accommodations, sorting out lunch, designing the travel route and creating endless Spotify playlists to keep everyone tuned. If she’s not working you will often find her playing in the outdoors, climbing rocks, gardening, decorating spaces, and cooking.

Industry Insider: A Closer Look at Careers in UX/UI Design - Virtual

February 9, 2023 - Virtual
12:00 pm - 1:00 pm
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Interested in learning more about careers UX/UI design? Come hear from Sanah Seram and get your questions answered!

Speaker/Bio: Sanah Seram

Who is Sanah Seram?

Creating a snapshot of who I am is an overwhelming task. I like many things, have trouble picking a side, and I don’t really have favourites. So I’ll start with some facts.

I live in Cochrane, AB, a biggish town between Calgary and Banff. In my free time you’ll find me at the bouldering gym, or paddle-boarding and hiking if it's summer. At McGill, I majored in Environment and Development studies with a minor in English Literature, and then took a hard left and studied Graphic Design in Vancouver. After working in this field for a few years, I pivoted into user experience design (UX for short), which brings me to my current role as a Jr. UX Designer for TELUS Digital.

I’ve taken my sweet time finding the right job and I remember the process vividly. I hope that sharing my journey will offer some comfort around uncertainty and failure, as well as provide information about what a job in UX design is like.

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