Career Pathways in Artificial Intelligence: Info Session

Tuesday, November 23, 2021 17:30to18:30

AI is a booming sector with countless startups, organizations, and governments pouring millions of dollars into new and more sophisticated uses of this technology. According to data compiled by Global Advantage in January 2020, over the past 5 years, the number of AI firms in Canada has doubled to over 660. Over the past decade, 50,000 news jobs requiring AI skills have been created, with 26,000 since 2015 – a trend that will continue as experts project an important talent gap in Canada. As firms struggle to find qualified professionals in AI, wages will go up, creating massive opportunities for those with the right knowledge and skills.

Wondering how to get yourself ready for the future of AI?

Join us for Career Pathways in Artificial Intelligence to explore trends, challenges, and career opportunities in this fast-growing field. During the session, we’ll discuss:

  • Current trends and practical applications in machine learning and applied AI
  • The challenges industry data scientists face with defining and deploying machine learning/AI models
  • Practical applications of machine learning and AI technologies
  • Key skills to thrive in a machine learning and AI development and deployment team

Then we will dive into McGill’s new Professional Development Certificate in Applied Artificial Intelligence and discuss:

  • Who the program’s for
  • How it differs from the Professional Development Certificate in Data Science and Machine Learning
  • Skills the program helps develop
  • Curriculum
  • Delivery format and schedule
  • Tuition fees
  • Sessions for admission
  • Application deadlines
  • How to apply

Learn more at mcgill.ca/scs-ai

Watch the Replay Passcode: sH3pY3S7
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