Call for applications: MORSL cohort for PoWR 2021


The Parliament of the World’s Religions brings together leaders and individuals from various religious backgrounds in order to foster and celebrate the ongoing work of spiritual and religious communities working towards a more just, sustainable, and peaceful world. This year’s parliament is themed: Opening our Hearts to the World: Compassion in Action. The event will be hosted virtually from October 16-18, 2021. Some of the notable speakers for this year’s parliament will include, among others; His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama, Marianne Williamson, Grandmother Flordemayo, Rabbi David Rosen, Bishop William E. Swing, and Eboo Patel, among other notable speakers. Students attending this world’s premier interfaith parliament will be exposed to different faiths, and perspectives on various issues of concern for our time.

MORSL is sponsoring a cohort of students to attend this year’s interfaith parliament. As a participant in the MORSL cohort, students will also have a chance to debrief with fellow McGill students and reflect on the learning. Each student will produce a final reflection piece, either for publication in Radix magazine, the official magazine of MORSL, or as the foundation for their participation in a post-parliament conference at McGill where they will share their experiences and thoughts surrounding the conference. Students will also gain experience in self-reflection, creative thinking and collaboration. The selected student participants will benefit from:

  1. Reimbursement of their registration fee (an equivalent of USD $10).
  2. Recognition on the student Co-curricular Record (CCR) through myInvolment.
  3. Publication of their reflection piece submitted to MORSL at the end of the parliament.
  4. Grocery store gift card value of $100 CAD.

To be eligible to join this cohort, you must fulfil all of the following criteria.

  1. Be a McGill University student registered for the fall 2021 semester.
  2. Attend a pre-parliament info session (Oct. 5, 5-6pm OR Oct. 7, 12:30-1:30pm ), and a post-parliament debrief session (date TBD) after the parliament.
  3. Attend the three-day parliament session for at least a minimum 6 hours in total.
  4. Produce a reflection piece for MORSL media, drawing from your experience at the parliament. The piece will be due on Tuesday November 30th, 2021, at 5pm. For a detailed description of the reflection piece, please see this PDF: PDF icon morsl_powr_reflection_piece.pdf.
  5. Apply to join the MORSL cohort by filling in this application form.

Deadline to apply: Friday, September 24th at 5:00 PM (EDT).

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