CIPP Members are active contributors to academic scholarship. Recent publications include the following: 

E. Richard Gold 

Gold, E. Richard. “What the COVID-19 pandemic revealed about intellectual property” (2022) 40 Nature Biotechnology 1428-1430,  

Gold, E. Richard, and Edwards, Aled M. “Overcoming Market Failures in Pandemic Drug Discovery Through Open Science: A Canadian Solution” (2022) 2 Frontiers in Drug Discovery doi:10.3389/fddsv.2022.898654.  

Herder, Matthew, Gold, E. Richard, and Murthy, Srinivas. “University Technology Transfer Has Failed to Improve Access to Global Health Products during the COVID-19 Pandemic” (2022) 17:4 Healthcare Policy, 5-25, doi:10.12927/hcpol.2022.26830 

Herder, Matthew, Gold, E. Richard, and Murthy, Srinivas. “A Status Quo of Failure: Time to Fix University Technology Transfer to Address Global Health” (2022) 17:4 Healthcare Policy, 45-47 doi:10.12927/hcpol.2022.26827  

Jha, Srivardhini K., Gold, E. Richard, and Dubé, Laurette. “Modular Interorganizational Network Governance: A Conceptual Framework for Addressing Complex Social Problems” (2021) Sustainability 13, no. 18: 10292.

Gold, E. Richard, “The Fall of the Innovation Empire and its Possible Rise Through Open Science” (2021) Research Policy 50:5 104226

Bubela, Tania, Gold, E. Richard, Goel, Vivek, et al. “Open drug discovery of anti-virals critical for Canada’s pandemic strategy” (2021) FACETS 5(1): 1019-1036, 

Herder, Matthew, Graham, Janice E., Gold, Richard. “From discovery to delivery: public sector development of the rVSV-ZEBOV Ebola vaccine” (2020) J. of L. and the Biosciences 1-14, doi:10.1093/jlb/lsz019. 

McCabe, C., Boadway, R., Lange, F., Gold, E.R., Cotton, C., Adamowicz, W., Breznitz, D., Elgie, S., Forget, E., Jones, E., de Marcellis-Warin, N., Peacock, S., Tedds, L. Renewing the Social Contract: Economic Recovery in Canada from COVID-19. Royal Society of Canada. 2020. 

Pierre-Emmanuel Moyse 

P.-E. Moyse, Le Cosmos de la propriété intellectuelle, Actes du colloque intitulé « L’enseignant-chercheur en propriété intellectuelle », co-organisé par l’Association des Jeunes Universitaires Spécialisés en Propriété Intellectuelle (JUSPI), (accepted) 2023 (forthcoming, 20pp)  

P.-E. Moyse et al., White Paper – The Future of Intellectual Property, sept. 2022, (56pp)  

P.-E. Moyse, K Baulieu, and B. Godbout), De la garantie de qualité à l’obsolescence programmée – Étude empirique sur les cas de bris de produits portés devant la Cour des petites créances, (2023) (submitted) (71 pp.) 

P.-E. Myose, « Le droit moral », Fascicule 7, Jurisclasseur en propriété intellectuelle, dans Propriété Intellectuelle, Montréal, LexisNexis, 2022.  

P.-E. Moyse, « Le droit moral », Fascicule 7, Jurisclasseur en propriété intellectuelle, dans Propriété Intellectuelle, Montréal, LexisNexis, 2022.  

P.-E. Moyse, Le génie du droit d’auteur, (2021) 33 C.P.I pp. 111-168.  

P.-E. Moyse, The Uneasy Case of Programmed Obsolescence, (2020) 71 U. New Brunswick Law Journal pp. 66-113.  

Ignacio Cofone 

Ignacio Cofone. 2022. Privacy Standing. University of Illinois Law Review 101. Available at SSRN, UILR.  

Ignacio Cofone. 2022. Ethical Surveillance in Vaccine Passports. 45 Fordham International Law Journal 621. Available at FILJ, SSRN.  

Ignacio Cofone. 2021. Beyond Data Ownership, 43 Cardozo Law Review 501-572. Available at CLR, SSRN.  

Ignacio Cofone. 2021. Immunity Passports and Contact Tracing Surveillance. 24 Stanford Technology Law Review 176-236. Available at STLR, SSRN.   

Ignacio Cofone. 2021. A.I. in Judicial Decision-making 102 Supreme Court Law Review 21-37. Available at SSRN (extract).. Also published as: A.I. and Judicial Decision-Making, in Teresa Scassa and Florian Martin-Bariteau (eds.), Artificial Intelligence and the Law 331-348 (LexisNexis: Toronto, 2021). 

Ignacio Cofone and Thomas Kadri. 2021. Cy Près Settlements in Privacy Class Actions. In Ignacio Cofone (ed.), Class Actions in Privacy Law 99-112 (Routledge: London, 2021). Available at Routledge (paywall), SSRN (preprint). Translated to Spanish : Acuerdos cy près en acciones de clase sobre privacidad, 2:1 Revista Juridica Austral 33-50 (2021). Available at RJA.  

Ignacio Cofone. 2021. Privacy. in Alain Marciano & Giovanni Battista Ramello eds., Encyclopedia of Law and Economics 1-6 (Springer, 2ndedition: 2021). Available at Springer (paywall), SSRN (preprint).  

Ignacio Cofone. 2021. COVID Alert’s Privacy Promises and Surveillance Risks. Centre for Media, Technology & Democracy. Available at CDT.  

Ignacio Cofone and Catalina Turriago Betancourt. 2020. The Right to be Forgotten in Peace Processes. In Ignacio Cofone (ed.), The Right to be Forgotten: A Canadian and Comparative Perspective 76-101 (Routledge: London, 2020). Available at Routledge (paywall), SSRN (preprint).  

Ignacio Cofone. 2020. Policy Proposals for PIPEDA Reform to Address Artificial Intelligence. Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada. Available at OPC.  

Ignacio Cofone. 2020. Nothing to Hide, but Something to Lose. 70.1 University of Toronto Law Journal 64-90. 

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