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Richard Gold, a white man with short salt and pepper hair. he is wearing a checkered white and blue shirtAt the Centre for Intellectual Property Policy, we offer solutions to making innovation more responsive to health and climate needs, to making those innovations accessible to the world, and developing more productive models of innovation. The CIPP is a place of encounter, interaction, and learning. We are grateful to the Indigenous Peoples, including the Haudenosaunee and Anishinabeg nations, who have long used the land on which we are located as a meeting place.

Intellectual property law affects all of us: from the music we hear, the food we eat, the health products we consume, and the software with which we work, intellectual property regulates what gets made, who uses it, and what comes next. It is not a topic to be entrusted to experts alone, which is why we engage the many communities who make, use, and share knowledge. Together, we study how governments, researchers, industry, and civil society manage new and old technologies and balance the concerns of communities, technology users, technology creators and citizens at large.

Our members advance scholarship, policy, and practice. Our activities range from convening academic experts around the globe, to learning from Indigenous peoples in Canada on traditional knowledge, to practical policy construction, such as the creation of open science partnerships.

We welcome law students, graduate students, and interdisciplinary post-doctoral fellows interested in intellectual property and innovation to work and partner with us.

Richard Gold,

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