CIPP Director, Richard Gold, is Co-Principal Investigator on a $24 million federal grant

Published: 12 June 2023


Gold is Co-Principal Investigator, a Member of the Research Management Committee, and co-lead of the Open Science and Policy Team of the TRanslational Initiative to DE-risk NeuroTherapeutics (TRIDENT). The funding comes from a highly competitive process (with a success rate of 2.5%) from the New Frontiers in Research Fund, Transformation Stream. The team will develop a new preclinical platform to assess whether a new drug or other intervention against neurodegenerative diseases such as Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s has positive effects on cognition. The project is unique in that it is based on open science principles: broad sharing of publications, data, tools, and materials all without patents. Through open science, the team will be able to bring in multiple public and private sector partners rapidly and the know-how they develop will offer firms with commercial opportunities.


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