Grenada is a nation composed of three islands, Grenada (which occupies most of the land mass at 311 km2 out of the 348.2 km2 total area), Carriacou, and Petit Martinique. Grenada is the most southernly of the Windward Islands.


The total population of Grenada is 89,000, with 32% living in poverty, 12% are destitute, and 52% of poor households are female-headed. Although there is an increasing urbanization of the population, the number of female heads of households who are farming is on the rise(although currently water policy in Grenada does not address the issue of gender equality with regard to water access or control).

Water resources and its administration

During the year, Grenada receives 2 350 mm of rain. The nation’s water resources mostly come from a system of permanent streams and rivers, although there is some groundwater available in areas along the northwest coast. The total water withdrawal per capita is 125 m3/person/year.

Administratively, Grenada is divided into six parishes. But due to the small size of the island, Grenada’s water sector management and decision-making tend to be centralized at the national level and the tendency is to manage water sectorally. The National Water and Sewerage Authority (NAWASA) is responsible for the supply of drinking water and the sanitary disposal of sewage. The Ministry of Agriculture’s Forestry Division has the responsibility of protecting water catchment areas, and its Agronomy Division is responsible for the development of irrigation on the island.

At the national level, irrigated agriculture is largely undeveloped in Grenada. Irrigated agriculture occurs at the community level, and it is focused mainly on small farmers (mostly men) with little integration of other water use issues of users.

National collaborating agencies

No. Agency Abbr. Role(s)
5 National Disaster Management Agency NaDMA Training, Technical
1 Land Use Division, Ministry of Agr. LUD-Agr Lead Partner
2 National Water and Sewage Authority NAWASA Training, Technical
3 Meteorological Office GrenMet Training, Technical
4 Grenada National Organization of Women GNOW Gender Issues
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