Dr Chandra A. Madramootoo, PEng
James McGill Professor and Project Director, CARIWIN
Brace Centre for Water Resources Management
Macdonald Campus
21,111 Lakeshore Road
Ste. Anne-de-Bellevue, Quebec H9X 3V9
Tel.: 514-398-7833
Fax: 514-398-7767
brace [at] (E-mail)


Team Member

Institutional Affiliation

Role in the project

chandra.madramootoo [at] (Dr. Chandra Madramootoo)

Dean, Faculty of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences

CI Project Director

Dr. David Farrell

CIMH Principal

DCETO Project Director

catherine.senecal [at] (Ms. Catherine Senecal)

BCWRM Professional Associate

CI Project Coordinator

Mr. Adrian Trotman

CIMH Lecturer and Agro-meteorologist

DCETO Project Coordinator

Mr. Basil Fernandez

Director, WRA

Project Lead, Jamaica

Mr. Trevor Thompson

Director, Land and Water Division, Ministry of Agriculture, Grenada

Project Lead, Grenada

Ms. Bhaleka Seullal

Director, Hydrometeorological Service, Guyana

Project Lead, Guyana

apurva.gollamudi [at] (Mr. Apurva Gollamudi)

BCWRM Professional Associate

Water Institutions, Hydrology, Water Quality Specialist

Ms. Wendy Ouellette

BCWRM Administrative Coordinator [at] (Ms. Marie-Claire St-Jacques)

BCWRM Research Assistant

Community Water Strategies Lead

Mr. Peter Enright

BCWRM Research Associate and Faculty Lecturer

Water Information Systems Specialist

bano.mehdi [at] (Ms. Bano Mehdi)

BCWRM Professional Associate

Hydrology, Climate Change, Environmental Specialist

alicia.suchorski [at] (Ms. Alicia Suchorski)

BCWRM Graduate Student

Community Governance, IWRM, Gender Equality, and Community Water Strategies

Mr. Kailas Narayan

CIMH Lecturer

Hydrologist and IWRM Specialist

Ms. Judy Padmore

CIMH Lecturer

Gender Equality Programming and Coordination

Mr. Shawn Boyce

CIMH Hydrologist


Ms. Kim Whitehall

CIMH Climatologist


Ms. Nelcia Robinson

Coordinator, CAFRA

Participatory and community development and GE

Dr. Christopher Cox

Programme Director, CEHI

Regional Support

Dr. Lystra Fletcher-Paul

Land and Water Officer, FAO

Regional Support

Ms. Savitri Jetoo

Scientific Services Manager, GWI

National Partner

Dr. Adrian Cashman

Lecturer, CERMES, UWI

Institutional Support

Ms. Linette Vassells

UWI Gender Studies Centre

Regional Gender Equality Specialist and GWA Liaison

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