Facts & Stats on Cancer Prevention and Control


Relevant news, discoveries, and advice on cancer prevention and care. Brought to you monthly by the Division of Cancer Epidemiology.

World Cancer Day – few facts about cancer

PDF icon 1st 2021 - by Mariam El-Zein

Rare but Not Uncommon: Rare Cancers in North America

PDF icon 2nd 2021 - by Cassandra Laurie and Karena Volesky

Epstein-Barr virus

PDF icon 3rd 2021 - by Callum Mullen and Karena Volesky

Why is the lifetime risk of cancer higher in men than in women?

PDF icon 4th 2021 – by Talía Malagón

Demystifying the human papillomavirus vaccine

PDF icon 5th 2021 - by Valentina Rangel and Romina A. Tejada

Exercising to Prevent Cancer

PDF icon 6th 2021 - by Andrew Arthur

Legal & Ethical Implications of Gender-Neutral Human Papillomavirus Vaccination

PDF icon 7th 2021 - by Margaret Logel

Canadian Cancer Statistics 2019 - progress and challenges

PDF icon1st 2020 – by Talía Malagón

Anal cancer epidemiology and prevention

PDF icon2nd 2020 – by Cassandra Laurie

Infections and Cancer - What is the link?

PDF icon 3rd 2020 - by Karena Volesky

Cancer amid COVID-19

PDF icon4th 2020 - by Eliya Farah, Rami Ali and Mariam El-Zein

Skin in the game: melanoma and what you can do to minimize your risk

PDF icon5th 2020 – by Aaron MacCosham

The Role of Oral Health in Cancer Prevention

PDF icon6th 2020 - by Olga Tsyruk

Quality of life in cancer patients

PDF icon7th 2020 - by Romina Tejada Caminiti

Breast Cancer Morbidity and Mortality

PDF icon8th 2020 - by Farzin Khosrow-Khavar

The promise of liquid biopsies: An overview

PDF icon 9th 2020 - by Callum Mullen

Colorectal Cancer Prevention

PDF icon 10th 2020 - by ParkerTope

Reducing your Cancer Risk in the New Year

PDF icon 11th 2020 - by Samantha Shapiro


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