Square Mile Conference


In the middle years of the nineteenth century the “New Town” of Montreal emerged, as rural space was transformed into carefully planned lots of a prospective, elite residential district. The development of the area progressed during the second half of the century with the construction of mansions and terraces, and became known as the Square Mile. By the end of the nineteenth century, the residents of this compact neighbourhood commanded a vast portion of Canada’s corporate and personal wealth. Combining detailed local investigation with consideration of the broad structural forces that made and then unmade the Square Mile, Crossing Boundaries and Constructing Linkages: The History of Montreal’s Square Mile in National and International Context brings diverse subfields of history into conversation with one another and builds upon new work from a variety of fields, such as business history, gender and women’s history, architectural history, and urban history. Over two days, this conference will pursue a re-examination of the history of the Square Mile and its broader significance.

Registration is available at the Canadian Business History Association website until 17 June. The program is here: PDF icon program_final4.pdf



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