Workshop Report for JCE Special Journal Issue Canada PRO Initiative Meeting, November 2013


The Journal of Clinical Epidemiology has expressed interest in working with us to develop a series of interrelated articles for a special edition that would build upon the presentations and discussions at the recent Canada PRO Network Meeting.

  1. A targeted pragmatic qualitative analysis of the presentations and discussion group themes was conducted to descriptively summarize major themes that emerged throughout the 1.5 day workshop (see table below). Please review the draft titles and objectives and let us know if you feel additional topics should be added.
  2. Articles should provide a broad overview of current knowledge and emerging consensus from multiple sources including empirical evidence, expert opinion, and patient opinions.

  3. All attendees at the Canada PRO Initiative meeting are welcome to be involved in the writing groups. Other individuals also may be invited to participate at the discretion of the lead authors. The rules of authorship and formatting for the Journal of Clinical Epidemiology will apply. To give credit to the entire group’s effort, authorship will include as the final entry “On behalf of the Canada PRO Initiative attendees.” An Appendix will be included listing the attendees at the November 2013 meeting, as well as additional contributing authors. This list is fluid and may grow with time; additional authors will have a notation indicating their date of agreement to participate.

  4. Manuscripts may include up to 2,500 words and not more than six tables or figures. For more details, please visit the JCE website:

  5. Writing teams work relatively independently, but team leaders will be in regular communication with the editorial team. The editorial team will provide assistance with the development of outlines to ensure that all papers utilize a consistent language and format as much as possible. Patrick Ware is available to address all administrative and technical questions; content editors for each manuscript are listed in Table 1. 

  6. To ensure the special edition has international appeal, JCE is requesting we discuss PRO topics more broadly, and use the Canadian experience along with selected international examples to illustrate the issues.

     The following timeline has been proposed:

• Writing teams finalized: December 12, 2014
• First Draft: February 2, 2015
• Final draft: March 30 , 2015
• Submission to Journal: April 13, 2015


Please click here to view the list of papers to be included in the special issue.

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