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PYP for Indigenous Youth

Pick Your Path for Indigenous youth

The PYP program for Indigenous youth is a paid opportunity that is open to students in high school and CEGEP. Students participate in a series of workshops extending over a period of four to six weeks every year and ending with a final project. Working with a student mentor from McGill University, students get to explore academic and career paths that match their interests. The program includes online and in-person components.

The program includes:

  • Online sessions (via Zoom) led by professors, students, and staff, to explore different programs and areas of study
  • Mentorship sessions with a McGill student to discuss post-secondary education and student life
  • A final project, where students explore the next steps in their educational path with support from their mentor and PYP volunteers

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Justin Almazan

Read an insider's story

A violist and master’s student in music at McGill, Justin Almazan spent part of his summer in a mentoring role with the Pick your Path program. Find out what his experience in the program was like.

Join as a volunteer or mentor

PYP equips and empowers students to make decisions about their educational and career paths. Learning about the academic and personal journeys of faculty, students, and staff is an important source of encouragement and guidance for students.

Our staff and faculty volunteers facilitate online sessions and discuss their experiences of working and studying in post-secondary institutions, as well as their topics of research if applicable.

Student mentors get to share what it’s like to be a university student. Mentors also support PYP participants as they explore their interests and research next steps in their educational and career paths.

We are grateful for those who provide their time to participate and make PYP possible.

Volunteer for PYP for Indigenous youth

Camilla Franco PYP student mentor


“I was drawn to PYP because it was an opportunity to work directly with youth in our community. In the post-secondary “bubble” this personal connection is rare, and I think that it is what makes PYP so successful. Especially for first-generation post-secondary students, educational pathways can be extremely overwhelming. Being able to demystify the process and hear directly from students has been instantly gratifying. I got to witness my mentee arrive at a place where she could verbalize her educational goals and get excited about them once she was given the tools and the space to explore and reflect on her potential pathways. I hope accessible outreach programs like PYP continue to expand in our community.”

- Camila Franco, PYP Mentor (March Break ’21)

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McGill University is on land that long served as a site of meeting and exchange amongst
Indigenous peoples, including the Haudenosaunee and Anishinabeg nations. We acknowledge
and thank the diverse Indigenous people whose footsteps have marked this territory on which
peoples of the world now gather.
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