Examples of some projects

Staff of the Centre have been involved in the following projects, by providing technical advice, undertaking research and studies, supervising graduate students, and providing specialized short term training:

  • Working in the field.Impacts of climate change on water resources and agricultural production systems
  • Agro-ecosystem management for human health in Uda Walawe Irrigation Scheme, Sri Lanka
  • Water resources management in Central Asia
  • Rajasthan Agricultural Drainage Project, India
  • Environmentally Sustainable Hillside Farming Systems Project, St.Lucia
  • National water quality and availability management, Egypt
  • Managing Water as a Basic Human Requirement - Integrating irrigation with water supply and sanitation, Pakistan
  • Integrated watershed management, and water quality measurements and modelling, St. Esprit, Quebec, Canada
  • Watertable management for increasing crop yields and reducing nitrate pollution, Quebec and Ontario, Canada
  • FCAR/IRDA project - Lake Champlain

Rice paddy.