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Undergraduate Programs in Biology

Biology Undergraduate Programs

Program Major Honours Minor

B.Sc. Biology

Liberal Program - Core Science Component Biology (47 Credits)*

Major Biology (59 Credits)**

Major Biology - Quantitative Biology (73 Credits)

Honours Biology (72 Credits)

Honours Biology - Quantitative Biology (79 Credits)

Biology Minor (25 Credits)

B.Sc. Biology & Mathematics

Major Biology and Mathematics (76 credits)

B.Sc. Computer Science & Biology

Major Computer Science and Biology (74 credits)

Honours Computer Science and Biology (77 credits)

B.A. & Sc. Multitrack Biology + Arts

Major Concentration Biology (36 credits)


Biology - Cell/Molecular (19 Credits)

Biology - Organismal (19 Credits)

B.A. Program


  Science for Arts Students (18 Credits)


* The Liberal Core Science Component must be combined with a breadth component such as a Minor in Science, Arts or other.

** The Major Biology can be combined with a Minor in Science, Arts or other.

Biology Undergraduate Timeline

Year 0 (U0) Science Freshman Program
Student entering from Grade 12 or without Advance Science Credits***
Year 1 (U1) Biology Core Introductory Courses + Electives
Year 2 (U2) Biology Core & Complementary Courses + Electives
Year 3 (U3) Biology Complementary Courses + Electives
Post Graduation Life long learning and a range of possible careers, including research, medicine, academia, business, law, governmental and non-governmental organizations.

*** See Faculty of Science and Applying to Undergraduate Studies for Admissions and Application information.

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