Affiliated Staff

Dr. Murray Clamen

Secretary of the Canadian Section of the International Joint Commission (IJC), is a registered professional engineer with extensive experience in international water resource studies and environmental assessments. His career has included experience in the private sector with consulting engineering and research firms in Québec and British Columbia and a total of 25 years in the Federal Public Service; twenty-two years with the IJC, and three with Environment Canada. He holds a Bachelor of Engineering degree from McGill University and a PhD in Civil Engineering from Imperial College (University of London, England), the latter received during an Athlone Fellowship from the British Board of Trade. Prior to becoming Secretary of the Canadian Section he was, for over a decade, the lead IJC adviser on all issues related to transboundary water management of the Great Lakes - St. Lawrence River system.

Dr. Arun S. Mujumbar

The name of Professor Arun S Mujumdar is synonymous with Drying R&D on a truly global scale. Author of over 540 peer-reviewed journal articles, over 200 book chapters, author of three books and editor of over 60 -including a handbook and an archival journal,  mentor of over 65 PhD students, keynote and plenary speaker at scores of international conferences etc, winner of numerous international awards for his distinguished contributions in multi-disciplinary fields, Prof. Mujumdar has had a passion for engineering research, industrial R&D, creativity and innovation even from his graduate student days. Aside from drying his research achievements extend to transport phenomena , fuel cells , thermal energy storage as well as food processing. Over the last decade he has also been interested in R&D policy, management of research as well as implications of globalization and the increasing need for innovation for economic well-being of institutions and nations. He has observed personally how engineering research is funded, carried out, evaluated and rewarded in over a dozen countries. He has formulated his own ideas about schemes that are likely to succeed and those that are likely to fail. His multi-disciplinary and multi-cultural R&D experience in academia as well as industry from around the world makes his views and opinions worth considering seriously to avoid pitfalls the inexperienced are likely to stumble upon. He is founding program chairman of the acclaimed International Drying Symposium (IDS) as well as a number of sister conference series. Professor Mujumdar is recipient of numerous international awards including National level awards from the Government of China as well as the Governors of Jiangsu Province and Tianjin Municipality in China.

Prof. Mujumdar holds a PhD in chemical engineering from McGill University, Canada and Doctor Honoris Causafrom Lodz Technical University, Poland and University of Lyon, France. He is Professor of Mechanical Engineering at a truly global university in Singapore- National University of Singapore (NUS), following a long tenure as Professor of Chemical Engineering at McGill University, Canada. He is a Platinum Award winner of his alma mater, the Institute of Chemical Technology (formerly known as UDCT), Mumbai, India. He holds Honorary professorships in several universities. His research areas are in transport phenomena, thermal management of fuel cells and battery stacks, energy systems, dewatering and drying and drying processes in diverse industries including foods, products of biological origin, minerals, sludge etc.

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Dr. Boris Tartakovsky