Professional Staff


 Ranya Bakhit
 Marketing & Communications Associate
 Tel: 514-398-7785
 Email: ranya.bakhit [at]



 William Boyd Dumais
 Shop Coordinator
 Tel: 514-398-7788
 Email: william.boyddumais [at]



 Yvan Gariepy
 Professional Associate
 Tel: 514-398-7785
 Email: yvan.gariepy [at]




Mouloud Ilbouche
 Lab Helper
 Email: mouloud.ilbouche [at]





 Leslie Ann LaDuke
 Administrative Assistant
 Tel: 514-398-8615
 Email: leslie.laduke [at]





 Li (Laura) Liu
 Research Associate
 Food and Bioprocess Research Group 
 Tel: 514-398-7611
 Email: li.liu5 [at]




  Sarah MacPherson
  Research Associate and QAQCC Program Coordinator
  Tel: 514-398-7614
  Email: sarah.macpherson [at] 




 Kristy Thornton
 Administrative Coordinator
 Tel: 514-399-9444
 Email: kristy.thornton [at]




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