Pictures and Movie Gallery

In this corner of the Berghuis lab website you can find photos, figures, and animations that illustrate some of the results obtained in our research endeavors.

Many of the illustrations are representations of the three-dimensional structure of a protein. For an in-depth discussion on the different ways in which protein structures are depicted, please consult this treatise on "The Representation of Molecular Models".

The illustrations are categorized according to the specific protein studied:

  • AAC(6’)-Ii - An aminoglycoside modifying enzyme
  • APH(3’)-IIIa - An aminoglycoside modifying enzyme
  • HSD - An enzyme in the fungal aspartate pathway

Besides the protein structures presented in this gallery, the Berghuis Lab has determined several other protein structures. However, these protein structures have not yet been published in the scientific literature. Most scientific journals consider presentation of data on a website a form of "prior publication" and will refuse to publish this data. For this reason we are unable to provide you with a preview of what is to come.

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