Academic activities

Here are some of the academic activities that take place at the Bellairs Research Institute

BITS: Barbados Interdisciplinary Tropical Studies

This summer program is an activity-filled, hands-on study experience for students with an interest in international studies with a Caribbean flavour. It exposes students to a wide range of agri-food-energy industries and related socio-economic issues in Barbados. Intensive course work is integrated with group project work and contributes to the formation of professionals with planning, managing, decision-making, and communication skills. The program addresses a global need for experienced international professionals capable of interacting with various levels of government, non-governmental organizations, and the private sector.

BFSS: Barbados Field Study Semester

The BFSS is an international, hands-on, in-the-field experience directed at students having an interest in global issues related to natural resource use as affected by socio-economic, management, urban and physical constraints. This program challenges students to be more effective environmental decision makers, policy makers and urban planners. The overall goal of the program is to equip future leaders with background, concepts and skills necessary for addressing global and environmental issues in the development and implementation of strategies for sustainable use of resources; water resources is an emphasis.

BIOL 334: Field Course in Applied Tropical Ecology

This is an intensive course, given over two weeks.

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